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Abynca Security Services

Abynca Security (Pvt) is a registered company in terms of the Registrar of companies Act 24:03. Its a wholly owned Zimbabwean Company which was established in 2019 to provide effective and reliable security.

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Our Products

12 hour and 24 hour guard operations
Debt collection
Private investigations
Security surveys, audits and consultancy training
Guarding Farms

Our Vision

We aim to be leading security company in Zimbabwe and to satisfy demand with
excellent and competent security guards in Zimbabwe.

Our Services


1. Guard Operations: Business and Residential Premises
2. Service Coverage Provisions
3. Uniformed Guard Services
4. Undercover Operations
5. Private Investigations
6. Security guards dog service

Quality Plan and Risk Management

Our security company first priority is to ensure that we provide quality and total security service solutions to all our clients to ensure that this quality service is achieved and maintained, we insist on the following.

1. Further Training Our guards undergo refresher course training after every one year of continuous service under the guidance of our instructors. Further training for advancement purposes is also offered in house and at chosen security training colleges quality and keeping pace with new trends in security practices.

2. Security Surveys and Consultancy If appointed,our security company will carry out a security survey of your premises free of charge. In addition, quartely briefs will bw provided together with our recommendations outlining areas that we need improvisions.

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